Activities for the Elderly

Keeping the elderly busy is important in ensuring their wellbeing and mental health is at the top and the best. Residential Gardens are one of the leading Retirement villages rooty hill providing activities for the elderly to keep them busy. When it comes to keeping them busy some of the activities you can help them to implement in their daily lives include:

Exercising in groups

Exercising helps to improve mobility and flexibility, but doing it in groups allows socializing and exercising in a fun way instead. Group activities allow the elderly to get out and socialize so they are around people and having fun to spend their time. Small exercises including yoga and walking can massively help with the physical health of residents while exercising in a group can help them be mentally well and healthy.


Gardening is one of the ways the elderly can stay connected to nature improving their mental health with peace and recreation. Gardening can be done both alone for some ‘me time’ and in groups to socialize and keep themselves busy.


Reading can massively impact the mental health of residents by offering peace of sense and quiet when reading a book. Joining a reading club can also let them socialize with other members about their thoughts and their favorite books.

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