New Three Tier Visitation System for Retirement Villages NSW

It has been a tough few months for many Australians, especially residents of retirement villages NSW and their families. Due to COVID-19, visitation to nursing homes has been restricted to protect vulnerable residents. Now that case numbers are beginning to fall, a new three-tier system of visitation restriction has been advised to return to a ‘Covid Normal’ state. These tiers will be escalated and de-escalated based on local COVID-19 cases around the residential aged care home.

Tier 1 – no transmission or no locally acquired cases:

The main focus in this tier is to prevent the introduction of the virus, encouraging preparation and caution. Physical distancing and thorough personal hygiene are still essential in retirement villages NSW. There will be a minimal restriction on healthy visitors given the symptom screening takes place.

Tier 2 – localized outbreaks or hotspots of transmission:

The main focus is to prevent further transmission and end current cases. In this tier testing will be strongly encouraged, masks will be required and visitation will be subject to symptom screenings while group visits are not allowed in retirement villages NSW.

Tier 3 – COVID-19 epidemic in the community:

In this tier, mask-wearing will become required and testing will be highly recommended for all symptomatic and asymptomatic people. All workers which can feasibly work from home should and telehealth services should replace doctor callouts where possible. Visitation and common areas will be restricted in residential aged care to control and limit further spread.

To learn more about visitation guidelines in residential aged care, contact Residential Gardens, or the local health authorities.