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Planning a Visit to Your Loved Ones in Aged Care Nursing Homes

Posted by on Feb 5, 2019 in agecare, aged care Sydney | 0 comments

For some people, visiting a loved one in aged care nursing homes can be a daunting experience. They worry that they won’t know what to talk about or run out of things to do. They worry that they’ll only be wasting time with awkward silence and inactivity. However, visiting a loved one living in such a facility is important for their emotional well-being. If you want to make sure that your visit is both productive and enjoyable, you’ll need to make a plan. When to Visit Aged care nursing homes in Sydney have specific visiting hours that runs from mornings to afternoons. If you’re not...

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Aged Care Nursing Homes – Importance Of Hygiene And Disease Control

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Immune systems slow down and weaken as we age which is why it is important to maintain hygiene in aged care nursing homes. The ageing population is at higher risk and hence every precaution must be taken to avoid the spreading of viruses in aged care nursing homes. Infection control demands regular hygiene practice which includes routine environmental cleaning of floors, walls, door handles, light buttons, bathroom taps, tables etc. Safe use of disposable sharps is very important. Cough etiquette and safe handling of blood, body fluids and excretion is important. Attention to hygiene during...

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Aged care nursing homes

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In aged care nursing homes we can see several elderly people who feel left out and alone during Christmas. It is extremely important for family members to visit your loved ones over Christmas which can actually make a lot of difference to their health and well being. Encourage your entire family to visit your loved one at the Aged care nursing homes so that they never feel that they are missing out on any family celebration. Because, aged care nursing homes have specific visiting times, it is necessary to plan ahead so that one can find the best time to visit their loved ones. You can also...

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