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Residential Aged Care Facilities – The Right Balance Of Care And Wellbeing

Posted by on May 30, 2018 in residential aged care | 0 comments

For residents who require a higher level of care, residential aged care facilities offers the right balance of care and wellbeing. Residents are encouraged to retain their independence by creating an environment which focuses on personal care and socialization. The highly qualified staff and professional nurses at residential aged care facilities are committed to provide individual support and care. Visiting healthcare professionals along with personal laundry services, housekeeping and staff who prepare fresh and nutritious meals make residential aged care facilities extremely comfortable...

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Care Respite – Essential Questions About Respite Care

Posted by on May 23, 2018 in Care Respite | 0 comments

For a full time caregiver, it is essential to understand the importance of care respite. What is care respite? One can continue to care for their loved ones while hiring a professional for short term care which can help both mentally and physically. When should one think about care respite? A caregiver also needs a break or, a vacation with family in order to take better care of their loved ones. The frequency of care respite can be as per your preference based on the needs of your family and care recipient. Care respite is primarily designed for full time caregivers who may need a break...

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Age Care – What is Palliative Care?

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Palliative care can play an important role in improving the quality of life and making time more manageable during age care. Age care is not only about pain relief medication rather it is more holistic and addresses the psychological and spiritual aspects of care. Palliative care is about providing age care to seriously ill people where cure is not possible. The main focus is on improving the quality of life of aged patients and their families who face problems associated with life threatening illness. The focus is on understanding the priorities and then trying to make life better by...

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