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High Care – Assistive technology for better dementia care

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One of the most prominent challenges of our society today is dementia which requires high care facilities. Dementia is a condition which affects the ability of the patient to perform daily tasks. In 2012, dementia was officially recognised as the ninth National Health Priority Area. The proportion of our elderly loved ones has grown at an unprecedented rate with an increased life expectancy which means an increased demand for high care facilities. Assistive technology can be broadly described as any item or system which enables a person to perform a task which they would otherwise be not able...

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Care respite – Helping carers who need a break

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Care respite describes the temporary care which allows regular caregivers to take a break. The approach to care respite should be simple where the carer can enjoy a support plan devised around their needs and where the carer can spend some time in a comfortable and relaxed environment. You would want your elderly loved one’s care to be as good as you may be providing yourself. The care workers are fully trained to offer this. Care respite is suitable when your family or carer is going on a vacation, when your carer needs short term break or, when your loved one needs more intensive care...

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Aged care Sydney – A checklist with the key things

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When it comes to choosing the best aged care Sydney facility for your loved one, it can be hard to know where to start. However with a well defined checklist, one would know the key things to consider. There are different types of Aged care Sydney facilities like respite care, in-home care and residential care. In-home aged care Sydney is more suited for people who want to continue living independently but may need extra support with daily tasks. Residential aged care Sydney offers 24 hour assistance along with extracurricular activities and social events maintain an active lifestyle. In...

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