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Are You Looking for the Best Residential Aged Care Facility in Sydney?

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Thinking of entering an aged care facility is not easy. It can be even worse if you have to take the decision of sending someone you love in a residential aged care home. Unfortunately, this is an unpleasant reality in contemporary times. Not all people in a household can forego their responsibilities to look after the elderly members in their families. This would soon lead to a monetary crisis. Similarly, in some cases, it might be possible to manage with in-home care services. But, this might not always be a feasible alternative. In such circumstances, an aged care facility often remains...

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What Assets Should You Typically List on the Income and Assets Form?

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To enter any retirement villages in NSW and other places, you will need to undergo an Age Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment. This assessment will check whether you qualify for receiving government assistance towards age care and accommodation expenses. However, this is not all that the authorities expect. You will also need to submit an Income and Assets form, which will provide details on all your assets and sources of income. If you do not submit this form to the authorities, you might find yourself having to pay the highest fee applicable in the facility. In most cases, officers of...

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What Does Deemed Income from Financial Investments Typically Include?

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As mentioned earlier, people desiring to enter an aged care facility in Sydney or another place will need to go through an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment. Thereafter, they will need to fill out an Income and Assets form. Officers of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs or the Department of Human Services will review the form. Based on the information provided, they will compute the amount of government assistance that you will receive towards your aged care and accommodation expenses. There is no fixed time by which these officers will be able to complete going through the...

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