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Retirement resort – Checklist for your retirement life

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Retirement is the best time to enjoy life to the fullest. To enable residents to enjoy their life, there is an extensive range of accommodation options and services designed specifically for the lifestyle you prefer. Retirement resort contributes significantly to your sense of well being and happiness because all arrangements are made to ensure highest quality of care. Retirement resort prevents social isolation because one lives in a well designed community where social interaction and involvement in activities that interests you becomes easier. Everyone has something or the other to...

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Residential aged care facilities – Helping continence management

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Incontinence is a common health problem which is most common amongst older people. Often a very simple lifestyle change or medical treatment can help in curing or improving the condition. Residential aged care facilities helps in continence management through medication and care thereby ensuring that the residents can lead an independent and happy retirement life. Poor bladder control can be extremely distressing and embarrassing. There are various causes of incontinence and different treatments which are administered in residential aged care facilities. Men are more vulnerable to poor...

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Low care – Preventing seniors from falling

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Low care or residential age care facilities are ideal for residents who need assistance to remain independent, however they don’t have any complex and ongoing health care issues. For an ageing adult, it is important to prevent them from falling which may cause severe injuries and even death. A fall may end up with no injuries, however it must always be reported to the staff of low care facilities because these falls are generally the warning signs of another issue. There could be several reasons like poor eyesight, cataracts, stiff joints, poor balance etc. which may result in a...

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