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Care respite – Benefits of Home Respite Care

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Care respite is a great option for the carer to catch up with the tasks of running a household, study or volunteering while recovering from the demands of caring. The objective of care respite facilities should be to ensure an improvement of the quality of life of both the carer and the care recipient. Care respite has been successful in reducing stress levels in carers, enhance the quality of life and is a crucial part of the age care sector. Care respite can be offered through facility based care or adult day programs . However, most families prefer in-home care respite. This ensures...

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Aged care Sydney – Selecting an assisted living facility

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When choosing an Aged care Sydney facility for your elderly loved ones, you would want to be absolutely sure of your choice. The levels of care offered by any aged care Sydney facility may vary greatly from one place to another. Certain conditions like Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other cognitive decline issues need special attention. For any facility that interests you, it is important to check its licensing requirements and make sure that the aged care Sydney facility is compliant with all the regulations. Prepare a detailed questionnaire for the staff which may include common questions...

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Aged care – Health monitoring systems for better living

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There are many aged care facilities across the globe which offers customized supportive care services for seniors. Medical assistance and age care workers may not be able to keep an eye on each and every aspect of one’s health every time. To make medical assistance flexible and expedient, it is important to make the best use of health monitoring systems. Health monitoring systems use a set of wearable devices which captures real time data and provides relevant alerts when a health problem is going to occur. The technology tracks any variation in behaviour and physical activity of...

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