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Retirement resort – Three Easy hobbies to enjoy your stay

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For seniors who need assistance with their daily activities and spending their time in a retirement resort, the best way to enjoy their mini break would be to engage in exciting new hobbies. These three hobbies are not only inexpensive but extremely rewarding as well. Gardening is definitely one of the most fulfilling hobby where you can work to create new plants and flowers. One of the most popular hobbies among seniors, gardening encourages exercise and offers a great feeling of contribution. It’s a truly exhilarating experience. When the plants are ready to harvest, the seniors can...

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Residential comfortable – Using technology for better Aged care

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Over the years, use of technology has been common in residential aged care facilities to make life easier and ensure a residential comfortable experience for your loved elderly ones. Facility Managers and nurses may have come across terms like cloud computing, digital documenting and smart phones. Important documents can be backed up to a secure online location which would reduce IT costs significantly and thereby ensure more efficient operations and guarantee residential comfortable experience. Record keeping is definitely one of the most important facets of residential aged care facilities....

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Residential aged care facilities – The basics of ACATs

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When you start your journey of finding the best residential aged care facilities for your elderly loved ones, the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is a good place to start with. An ACAT can help in determining the kind of care needed once your elderly loved one is no longer able to manage at home without assistance. Your family doctor can refer you to the local ACAT where the assessment for your elderly loved one can be completed. Referrals can be made by hospital social workers, residential facilities, local community service providers or by family and friends. The guidance offered by the...

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