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Residential comfortable – A personalized live in health care

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With growing age, needs can become more and more complex and one may require round the clock assistance and care. However, one doesn’t need to be in a hospital or aged care facility to feel safe and looked after. There are residential comfortable facilities which offer constant assistance round the clock based on your comfort, personal preferences and choices. The carer is always available to offer professional health care services which includes administering medicine, continence care, preparation of meals, assistance with daily chores, cleaning, shopping and many more. Taking into...

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Residential aged care facilities – Administering the medication regimen

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Medication management is an important activity which involves more than mere administration of a medicine prescribed for an elderly in residential aged care facilities. One may need to obtain further medical advice before deciding to administer or withdraw a medication. Residential aged care facilities must ensure that they have a system which covers all aspects of medication management. The National Residential Medication Chart known as NMRC is specifically developed to offer medication safety for residents and also reduce the workload of aged care staff by making medication management...

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Low care – Social companionship and Elderly care

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Social companionship can make drastic changes to people’s lives by preventing chances of loneliness and depression. A leisurely walk with someone you like or a friendly chat over coffee can keep everyone happy and fulfilled in a low care facility. By allowing one to live their life independently and with confidence, social companionship and home care makes life easier for the elderly. Pursuing hobbies and activities of interest in a low care facility allows the elderly residents to live the life they want. There are low care facilities which offer day to day assistance with their...

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