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Care respite – Important role of care respite services

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Care respite services can be emotionally and physically challenging which is why the carer needs to take constant breaks in between. Temporary relief provided to the caregivers who also need to take care of their family members is known as care respite services. Friends and family members can offer care respite to caregivers for a couple of hours which can help in rejuvenating their mind and thereby allow the carer to ensure high quality services. Care respite should not be considered a luxury, rather it is critical for the care giver and the elderly patient. Care respite also helps in...

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Aged care Sydney – Prevent Loneliness during Holidays

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Winter can be a difficult time for elders and their caregivers in aged care Sydney facilities. During holidays, elders can be lonely due to reduced mobility and health conditions which can prevent them from travelling. Most of the elderly residents are very active and quite independent, however during Christmas holidays, frosty walkways and slippery paves can reduce their independence and mobility. Keeping warm during winter is an important concern for the elderly in aged care Sydney facility. Ensure that your loved ones wear warm clothes and there should be proper facilities of heating....

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Aged care – Independent Living for the Elderly

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Aged care can be extremely challenging which requires attentive support, independence and adequate care for the elderly. Loneliness is considered as a serious public health issue which can impact blood pressure and is also closely linked to depression. With community initiatives in an aged care facility, one can improve an older person’s quality of life. Maintaining independence for the elderly is integral to their quality of life. Along with independence, it is important to ensure that the care needs are met in an aged care facility. The quality of care services should be adequate to...

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