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Care respite – Ways to take a break from Caregiving

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Care respite is a great opportunity for both the carer and the cared person to get a break from their usual life. Available in a variety of settings, care respite is provided for a specified time period. There are different ways to seek break from caregiving as discussed below: Assisted Living care respite: The scheduled time period can range between few days to several weeks where the potential resident can check out whether the provided facilities suit their requirements. Carer’s co-operatives provides an excellent opportunity for carers to seek care respite where they can take turns in...

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High Care – Nursing Care and Medication Management

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High care facilities provide nursing care and medication management for seniors who need continuous assistance because of their frail health conditions. Basic care facilities are provided to all residents, however high care facilities are only made available to residents in need of extra care services owing to their chronic medical conditions. The care facilities have separate dementia specific wings which caters to the specific medical needs of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The nursing staff at high care facilities are available round the clock for any emergencies and also...

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Aged care Sydney – Need for Assisted Living Facilities

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Assisted living facilities provide residential options for your elderly loved ones who need assistance with some of their daily living activities which includes travelling, cooking, shopping, medical appointments etc. There are different synonyms for aged care Sydney which provides assisted living facilities like Residential care, sheltered housing, Adult care home, congregate care etc. It’s a daunting task to understand that your loved ones required aged care Sydney services, however there are certain warning signs which would indicate that it’s time to consider assisted...

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