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The Age Care Industry in Numbers

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Medicine and technology has been continually evolving over the years. As a result, there has been a significant improvement in mortality rates the world over. In Australia too, people are living longer lives. As a result, age care nursing homes have been witnessing a spurt in demand. Estimates suggest that: Approximately 1.6 million older Australians will access age services each year by 2023 This number is up quite significantly from the figure of approximately 880,000 in 2009 Naturally, the industry will need to ramp up significantly to meet this demand. Therefore, based on current...

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Find the Best Aged Care Facility for Your Loved Ones in Sydney

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Becoming old is not something that many people give due attention to. Old age is not a time that people associate with a lot of activity, good health and a comfortable existence. Rather, people view it as a time of dependence on others, frequent bouts of ill health and a lot of time with nothing to do. Similarly, when you’re young, retirement seems a remote possibility. It is not just many years away, but usually a few decades away. That’s why the young look with wonder (and occasionally wistfulness) when talking about their retirement. Yet, as it comes closer, the prospect that they...

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