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The Recent Reforms Introduced by the Australian Government

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With a large chunk of the population ageing, the aged care sector has been getting its fair share of attention from the government. To make aged care in Sydney and other cities more sustainable and affordable, the government introduced certain changes in 2012. The government formulated the changes in 2012. The first set of changes came into effect on 01 July 2013. Similarly, the second set of changes became effective from 01 July 2014. The changes included: Providing transparent accommodation prices and services, by ensuring that all residential care facility providers publish the maximum...

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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Residential Aged Care in Sydney

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Before delving into the importance of aged care nursing home in Sydney, let’s face a harsh reality – senior citizens across Australia face a unique conundrum. Once they cross the age of retirement, they suddenly find themselves without any activities that would take up their day. Anyone who is used to working 6 to 10 hours a day on a regular basis would find it difficult to suddenly have so much time on their hands. Even for those who did not take up a traditional job, suddenly being free from any work is a jarring experience. This is exactly where age care facilities step in. A...

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Australian Residential Aged Care Follows a Two-Tiered Approach

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At present, Australian researchers have found that Australian residential aged care facilities are following a two-tiered system. These researchers analysed 10 years of residential aged care data up to 2012. Thereafter, they ascertained that a geographic split exists in the Australian residential aged care facility provision. This split becomes even more apparent when one compares the facilities offered in rural and remote Australia vis-à-vis the facilities offered in many of Australia’s major cities. According to the researchers: Larger, for-profit residential age care services dominate...

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