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Residential aged care facilities – Various Types of care services

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Residential aged care facilities are required when one grows old and therefore no longer able to live independently without significant levels of support for daily activities. Changing the place of residence is a big decision which definitely affects the lifestyle, financial planning, and pension entitlements. It is also important to understand the different types of care services provided at residential aged care facilities. Residential aged care facilities provide high quality accommodation, and complete living support along with necessary nursing assistance. The various basic services...

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Is it time to send a loved one to an aged care nursing home?

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The decision to send an elderly loved one into a residential aged care facility might be the toughest you will ever make. There is a common notion that the kids who are sincere care for their parents themselves, and do not move them to a nursing home. However, such notions are based on unpredictable circumstances, and life is far from certain. When it comes to elders, life is constantly changing and fluid. So, it is important that caregivers realise that moving an elderly loved one to an aged care nursing home is a more practical way of ensuring better care for him/her, and there is no point...

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Residential comfortable – Paying for Residential Care Facility

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Depending on your budget and income, you can choose residential comfortable aged care facilities as per the need and requirement of the elderly resident. The method of payment can be easily arranged with the residential aged care facility. The basic daily care fee is something which is bare minimum for residential comfortable aged care services. The basic fee includes regular living expenses such as laundry, meals, nursing care etc. However with residential comfortable aged care services, it is guaranteed that one doesn’t need to pay more than any nursing care costs nor something which...

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