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Low Care Services – Assisted Living

Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 in Care Respite | 0 comments

Low Care services, alternatively also known as Hostel Care is designed for residents who wants to enjoy the benefits of an independent lifestyle. Residential Gardens is committed to provide higher degree of independence when compared with nursing homes. The availability of a full serviced home, skilled carers who can provide necessary assistance with daily activities and on-site kitchen ensures that the residents enjoy their stay with the benefits of care and recreation. Our Low care homes are fully accredited and committed to provide top notch quality services. Low care services are mostly...

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Age Care – Providing Care and Succour to the Elderly

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The decision to move into an age care home will always be emotional, stressful and difficult for the person moving in as well as his friends and family members. Residential Gardens is committed to provide myriad services and specialized care for the elderly along with comfort and peace of mind. Things change when one grows older, and the need for assistance with daily chores or health care becomes quite evident. In such a situation, age care services can be availed either on a permanent basis or for a temporary stay. At Residential Gardens, we understand that the crux of age care services...

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Respite Care Services – Family Support Programme

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Care Respite, alternatively known as the ‘short break’, is care services provided to someone with special needs in order to provide temporary relief to the personal care-giver. The importance of care respite programmes can be easily understood from the following situations: For elderly who are recovering from a nursing home stay and need to bridge the transition phase between the hospital and the residence, respite care services helps them to return home. For a caregiver, life can be extremely challenging and stressful, which in turn can impact his work-life balance. Just when...

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