10 unique tips about Residential Gardens

At Residential Gardens, residents enjoy the highest form of love, dignity and respect. Their choices and privacy are respected at all times.

We are ready to partner with you in ensuring that we expose you to series of life interests and activities that will make your stay in our community peaceful, prosperous and exceptional.

Below are top 10 unique stories about Residential Gardens:
• We recognise and respect the cultural diversity of all our residents; our sole objective is to ensure you enjoy the highest level of care.

• We take into consideration the linguistic needs of all our members.

• You will be given the liberty to practice your religious, cultural and personal activities with the help of an aged care professional. We make sure that each resident learns something from another resident within the community. Surely there is something you can learn from the rich cultural diversity, religious or customary activities of another. The abundance of one will truly fill the want of another.

• We have lots of social and activities calendar. Residents are motivated to practice and participate actively in any of the hostel’s program of their choice.

• There are lots of religious activities going on in the community- one unique thing about them is that you are free to belong to anyone you want. Their programs are designed to suit your spiritual needs. Pastors and religious leaders visit our community periodically.

• We have well structured leisure and lifestyle programs, which encourage the participation of all residents. Some of our on-site activities include exercise classes, bingo, arts and crafts etc.

• We have amazing services for low care and high care residents. Care would be provided to you in the most dignified manner. Our truest mission is to continuously make this place an exciting retirement resort for all residents.

• We have highly dedicated staff members, and volunteers. We won’t employ you unless you have capacity to speak more than one language. The reason is simple, you will be working and/ or associating with people from diverse backgrounds, you won’t be serving people that speak only the English language. All our residential aged care facilities are meant to help you realize your dreams of being in our community. We must exceed the expectations of the families that entrust their loved ones into our care.

• Our age care staff complies with the stipulated government legislation, policies and procedures, maintains industry standards. We are available to serve our residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our topmost priority is to ensure every resident is cared at all times.

Residential Gardens have served hundreds of residents within the last few years. Currently, we have some residents in our community. We will do everything humanly possible to ensure we exceed your expectations.

Our staffs are working round the clock to ensure we achieve the philosophy, mission, vision and values of our community. Always keep in touch with us today; you will be happy you did!